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Macadamia nuts
The Red Barn Macadamias Logo

Welcome to THE RED BARN, a family run, organic macadamia farm in the heart of the Rheenendal farmlands, just outside of Knysna.

​We have 3000 trees, predominantly of the Beaumont variety that we grow and care for organically.

​Unlike large-scale farmers, we harvest and process our nuts by hand.  This is a pain-staking process but ensures we can harvest without the use of synthetic hormones and means we can provide you with organically grown, super tasty and nutritious nuts.

​We sell our nuts in various forms to the public as well as retailers and food manufacturers / restaurants.


Products available:

  • nut in shell

  • nut kernell

  • fine ground flour

  • course ground flour

  • crumble topping

  • nuts in honey

  • macadamia cream

  • macadamia burger patties

  • macadamia falafel

  • macadamia gourmet drizzle

  • roasted spiced macadamias

  • roasted honey glazed macadamia

  • pure, cold-pressed cosmetic oil

  • macadamia vegan mince

  • gluten free macadamia malva pudding


Taste the difference!

The Red Barn  |  Rheenendal Road  |  Rheenendal
South Africa

084 483 2225    |    082 928 1590

Enjoy this short video that shows you our trees, how the nuts grow and how we harvest!

Harvesting macadamias by hand
sorting macadamia nuts
inspecting macadamia trees
macadamia flour
macadamia products, cream, flour, burgers
gluten free vegan macadamia burgers
macadamia pot plant
harvesting macadamias by hand
macadamia nut clusters
nuts in crates
macadamia orchard
husking macadamias
full grown macadamia nuts
workers harvesting by hand
macadamias in full blossom
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